—How much was the number of insured people able to grow during 2023?

2023 was important for us. We have reached a little over 1.5 million policyholders. We have also grown in some areas where we did not grow as much before. For example, prepaid, which is the insurance we have for all Sanna clinics and which is sold under the Vida Sanna brand. This product has reached almost 20,000 policyholders.

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—This growth has occurred despite the context of economic recession. What has been the strategy?

I would tell you that we have gone into new segments and that has allowed us to alleviate the low economic growth. Having launched economic products through BCP and even through Mibanco has been important. We have focused on new markets and with new products.

—And what clients are they targeting now?

We are trying to go down the pyramid a little bit. Traditionally we have been aiming for the top. Now, with new products, we are looking for banked customers who are becoming aware of the importance of having insurance. In that sense, it is difficult because they are clients who are accessing one for the first time. It is important that the service is excellent and generate confidence in the products.

—Today mobile wallets open the opportunity to reach these customers. Do you already work with Yape?

Right now, we don’t. It’s definitely something we’ll see in the future. Yape has started with SOAT insurance, but you start with one and then complement the portfolio. I have no doubt that there will be health insurance there. We see that Yape can be an opportunity for the marketing of health products.

“2023 was important for us. We have reached a little over 1.5 million insured people.”

—On the provision and clinic network side, what investments have been made?

On the benefits side, we made the investment of US$ 25 million in the San Felipe clinic in La Molina and where technology such as resonators, tomographs, and trauma shock area stand out. It has been an important investment to give greater attention to policyholders. In the medical centers part, we have had significant growth. We have inaugurated Los Olivos. We are already finishing the new medical center in San Miguel and one in San Juan de Lurigancho. We see that we are growing and heading into new market segments. We are going to places where perhaps we do not have many insured people, but if we provide quality benefits, this will surely be complemented in the future with insurance.

—And in regions?

We are about to finish, in the first quarter of this year, the remodeling and expansion of our clinics in Trujillo and Arequipa, where we are increasing their capacity and new services.

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—In the ROE clinical laboratory business, what is the level of openings that occurred in 2023?

We have opened 7 new stores last year. So we are growing significantly in our laboratory business. In 2023 we will have achieved almost 4.5 million laboratory analyzes. It is a super important number. And in regions, we opened two in Arequipa and now we opened our first ROE in Cajamarca. We are growing a lot with this business and introducing a new benefit that will generate better health care and more demand for insurance.

—And how much more demand do you expect to arrive as a result of this strategy?

Our expectation for this year is to grow by 10% in the number of contacts with patients. This 2024 we hope to close 1.6 million outpatient care services. Next year we hope to grow by 10% and the same for different areas. Something we put a lot of emphasis on is virtual care.

Although we already have a significant number – we do more than 120 thousand teleconsultations a year –, we are going to continue advancing because we think it is the best way to reach more patients and remote areas.

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