What time do you get up and what is the first thing you do?

At 6:30 am, I usually start my day with a functional routine, alternating it with running sessions.

What book are you reading?

The Black Swan, by Nassim Taleb and The Mind of the Leader, by Rasmus Hougaard.

What object cannot be missing in your life?

Nowadays my cell phone. Unfortunately, the dependency it generates is too much and I would like to free myself a little.

What is the last movie you have seen?


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What applications can’t be missing on your cell phone?

WhatsApp to communicate, Waze to know when I will arrive for a meeting, Instagram to see the competition and PerúQuiosco to read the news.

Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Apple, Disney?

I enjoy Netflix and HBO, but lately I have gotten hooked on Star+ to follow the English football and paddle tennis championships.

The car of your dreams?

There are several, but if I have to choose one, it would be the Mercedes AMG GT Coupé.

Favorite vacation destination?

Europe is home to a great cultural diversity that can be enjoyed both in summer and winter, whether on the Côte d’Azur, the Pyrenees mountains or exploring vineyards.

What sport do you practice?

Several: soccer since I was little, tennis and racquetball with family and friends, ping pong with my coworkers and currently, paddle tennis has come to stay in my sporting life.

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Favorite cocktail or drink?

I love negroni and I really enjoy wine.

A place you would like to be to relax and work at the same time?

In a house in the country with a good view.

Describe yourself in 3 words

Determined, familiar and competitive.

Do you have any hidden talents?

I love cooking and I would like to experiment even more and, why not? Consider taking a course that will lead me to explore that talent even more.

A phrase that defines it

Let’s go for more!

What company is an inspiration to you?

Companies with a sustainable and purposeful outlook.

Which person in your field would you like to have dinner with?

I am lucky to be able to do it at least 2 or 3 times a year.

Who is the boss that marked you the most?

It was many years ago, I am not going to say his name, but I am going to tell what marked me. He taught me that in every organization one must give oneself with integrity and, at the same time, know how to ask for the things one deserves.

Who gave you the best advice and what was it?

My mother: “Don’t be a mediocre professional.”

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One business decision you would change?

Not investing a little more in innovation and sustainability.

What key question would you ask when hiring someone?

What is your room for improvement?

What is your greatest pride?

My family. Seeing them happy and enjoying their achievements, and now my grandson who brings out how cocky I can be.

What is the big issue that is not talked about in the media?

Sustainability from a perspective of raising awareness of the effects we cause and the consequences of artificial intelligence.

What is the main virtue of Peruvians?

We are entrepreneurial and committed.

And its main defect?

Not knowing how to say “no” and turning things around a lot.

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