“The expectation for this summer is very high, so far we are increasing sales every week and given the warm weather we hope to grow between 10% and 15% in sales compared to the last campaign,” he projects. Even in high season, such as a summer campaign, beers can account for 35% of sales within wineries.

Per capita consumption of Peruvians is 45 liters per year.

Carla Sifuentes, general manager of the Peruvian Beer Chamber, agrees that summer is positive for the sector. “ANDThis year we expect greater social and economic stability, which is positive. “As a sector we are recovering in sales but conditions still need to improve to grow sustainably”he comments.

However, he emphasizes that It is still pending to see what impact the El Niño Phenomenon and the adjustment of the ISC will have. Therefore, it indicates that although they view the campaign with some optimism, they also do so with caution.

At the production level, Amparo Pareja, head of the Institute of Economic and Social Studies (IEES) of the National Society of Industries, comments that for this campaign the sector could have a growth of 3% to 4% in production. A figure that has been observed since October and November of last year, when they grew in the order of 3% due to meetings, end-of-year promotions and the summer campaign.

“We expect that beer consumption will grow between 10% and 15% this season in wineries.”

Andres Choy, president of the Association of Winegrowers of Peru (ABP)

This growth made it possible to balance the drop that occurred from January to September 2023, associated with inflation, the fall of the Peruvian economy, production costs and lower restaurant sales, also affected by the States of Emergency, says Pareja.

“But this drop also occurred because it is compared to a higher base, those of 2022, when a production record,” he assures.

For his part, Sifuentes notes that the beer market has great potential, since Per capita consumption in Peru is 45 liters annually, lower than Colombia or Mexico, which consume 55 and 60 liters. Therefore, beyond the situation, there is room for growth for all players in the category. “Our objective is to expand consumers and consumption occasions but reducing the intensity of consumption at a time. The category is moving towards this, an example is the increase in personal presentations.s”, explains the executive.

This year an increase in production is estimated compared to last year.  Warm weather would also help.

This year an increase in production is estimated compared to last year. Warm weather would also help.

And the ISC? Choy comments that a readjustment of the ISC would complicate the sale of the category, since sales expectations would be reduced and there would be an increase in price. Sifuentes agrees and comments that the MEF’s decision regarding the adjustment of the ISC, which has been accumulated for three years, will be decisive.

“Our position is that The indexation takes place taking the last year as a reference and not the three, since in recent years the sector has had increases in costs due to inflation and the global price of inputs. And despite this, efforts have been made to make prices accessible.”, he indicates.

/ Inga Martínez Claudia Cecilia

Pareja, meanwhile, adds that this would reduce competitiveness when it comes to encouraging economic recovery. “The malted beverage industry is already the one that contributes the most to the ISC”precise.

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