This October, San Marino Condominio & Marina Club will deliver its first apartment building, says Gonzalo Barandiarán, general manager of the project, whose first stage of construction has 38 hectares with a frontage of one kilometer of beach and which plans to build 108 houses and 88 apartments for around 200 families.

“To put it in perspective, a condominium in Asia has on average between 150 and 200 real estate units. San Marino, in terms of real estate units, is roughly equivalent to an Asian condominium. It is not that it is massive or so large in units, but in areas”details in our supplement.

For the first stage, it is planned to invest US$70 million, of which US$25 million have already been invested. Currently, they already have 40% progress in total sales.

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“We are going to start the first apartment building in the next few days. We already started with the first building, which was an important step. Huge breakwaters, the largest 500 meters long, the interior rock walls that go around the perimeter of the lagoon and the interior excavation, where the boats will be. “This area has more than 10 hectares of water.”says Barandiarán.

Thus, its “inland” marina will have 120 “slips” or nautical spaces ranging from 45 feet to 120 feet. In addition, the houses will have their own pier for almost 200 boats.

San Marino has the advantage of having sun all year round and being two and a half hours from Lima. The owners will be able to rent their properties along with their boats, and thus obtain greater profitability.


The condominium is made up of a club with a lounge, bar, gym, spa, minimarkets, restaurant, a heliport and suites, a concept used in the marinas of Florida, United States. The facilities will be available for celebrations. Likewise, there will be no shortage of sports areas such as soccer fields, tennis, fronton and paddle tennis.

On the other hand, the area not only has sunshine all year round, but also several destinations to visit by boat such as the Ballestas Islands and Sangayan Island, the largest in the archipelago and with world-class waves for surfers.

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Market to explore

Barandiarán also explains how the project, unique on the Peruvian coast, will attract the boat market. In the country, we only have one marina that houses 110 boats in the Lima district of Barranco.

“Seeing the boats at sea, out in the open, has caused many people who have the assets to buy a boat, not to do so”says the executive. In addition, she explains that Ecuador has twice as many boats as there are in our country and Chile, with eight times as many boats.

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For Barandiarán, San Marino is the beginning of an orderly development of beach houses and international chain hotels interested in locating next to the project.

“We own several kilometers on both sides. That whole area is going to be developed later, in the medium term,” she says.

Know more

The project is located at kilometer 210 of the Panamericana Sur.

It started in 2019 and is developed by the construction company Construction and Administration.

The project has two stages with a total of 101 hectares.

Chile has 22 thousand recreational boats. In Peru there are only 2 thousand, says Barandiarán.

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