—What time do you get up and what is the first thing you do?

At 6:30 am and I run on the treadmill for 30 minutes.

-What book are you reading?

I am not one to read literary works, but I do read many technical reports on mining geology.

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—What object cannot be missing in your life?

The microphone. I love to sing at home and at karaoke.

-What is the last movie you have watched?


—What applications can’t be missing on your cell phone?

YouTube and Spotify.

—Netflix, Amazon, HBO, Apple, Disney?

Netflix and Disney+. I use them at night at home.

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—The car of your dreams?

The Chevrolet Camaro.

—And your favorite vacation destination?

I love the sea. Therefore, in Peru it would be Punta Sal and abroad the beaches of the Caribbean.

-What sport do you play?

Football, although not as frequently as it did before the pandemic.

Guillermo Shino, general manager of mining Apumayo SAC and Anabi SAC. (Photo: Anthony Niño de Guzmán / El Comercio)


—Cocktail or favorite drink?

Pure rum or with Coca-Cola, it depends on the quality of the rum.

—A place you would like to be to relax and work at the same time?

In the countryside, with a view of the valley appreciating the river and the trees.

—Describe yourself in 3 words

Friend, optimistic and honest.

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—Do you have any hidden talents?

The singing. I even have a professional karaoke machine at home and I think I do it well. I also play the panpipe and some piano.

—A phrase that defines you

Don’t wait for things to happen, you have to make them happen.

—What company is an inspiration for you?

Apple, after its leader Steve Jobs. Also ISA of Colombia, for how they set their vision and how they execute the necessary actions to reach their north in the long term.

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—Which representative from your field would you like to have dinner with?

I wouldn’t want to name him, but I’ve already had the opportunity to have dinner with him.

—Who is the boss that marked you the most?

They have all had their peculiarity, but one of them was the one who showed me that “making things happen” is the only way.

—Who gave you the best advice and what was it?

Two people, besides my parents. One was a professor at Esan and the other at UNI. Both advised and guided me throughout my professional career.

One of the topics that is not addressed as it should be in the media is inequality.  (Photo: Anthony Niño de Guzmán / El Comercio)

One of the topics that is not addressed as it should be in the media is inequality. (Photo: Anthony Niño de Guzmán / El Comercio)

—A business decision that you would change?

If I had continued as a civil servant in the State, (it would be) to work even harder than I worked at the time with my team, to eliminate the bureaucracy in mining permits.

—What key question would you ask to hire someone?

I would present him with a company problem and ask him for the best solution he could think of. This way I can observe his judgment, development and mental ability.

—What is your greatest pride?

Definitely my family, especially my six children who I see develop and progress in life.

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—What is the big issue that is not talked about in the media?

Inequality, definitely. The interior of the country is very different from Lima.

—What is the main virtue of Peruvians?

We are very creative in finding solutions to problems.

—And its main defect?

(We are) too trusting, especially with politicians.

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