“Peru is a beggar sitting on a golden bench.” Antonio Raimondi was an exceptional traveler. Between 1851 and 1870 Raimondi traveled through Peru, covering more than 45,000 kilometers. We tourism actors identify with Raimondi and especially with his famous phrase, which undeniably summarizes that Peru’s greatest wealth is his tourism.

Peruvian tourism by 2035 could generate more than 5 million jobs and contribute more than 15% of GDP. To achieve these goals, one of the main tasks is the development of tourism infrastructure. Although the next few years will be extraordinary due to the inaugurations of the Chancay Megaport (November 2024), the Chinchero International Airport (December 2025), the expansion of the Jorge Chavez Airport (December 2024), Line 2 of the Lima and Callao Metro, among others, regional and district projects must be the new protagonists.

In 1969, in order to formulate, coordinate and execute projects aimed at the development of tourism infrastructure, the Peruvian Government created the Copesco Plan. During the last few years, this Execution Unit of the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism has managed to execute more than 90% of its meager budget. Currently there are 1,392 tourist resources prioritized by Copesco, of which only 38 have been intervened, representing a tourism infrastructure gap greater than 97%.

This is where our great pending and at the same time opportunity lies, with the regional and district authorities and above all the tourist actors being called to work, promote and carry out these valuable works that will have a direct impact on the diversification and consolidation of the tourist offer, the generation employment, as well as the quality and satisfaction of our tourists.

Regarding private sector investments, they are greatly affected by three years of pandemic, but there is a lot of expectation and hope for the next Tourism Investment Promotion Law announced by this Government. Once again, coordinated work between the public and private sectors will be essential.

That said, it would finally seem that after 200 years of republican life, a government understands the phrase of the wise Raimondi, who found in tourism the bank of well-being and development that all Peruvians wish well for our country.

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