The 2023 results were optimal. Obviously we have not yet reached the pre-pandemic numbers, but the important thing is that in a situation of social crisis and insecurity, the luxury segment was reactivated and is increasing.“explains Ricardo Acosta, president of Apavit.

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Last year, the Peruvian luxury tourist opted for two main destinations: Italy and Africa. The first is due to the large number of cultural monuments, as well as its culinary and landscape options. From Peru, the traveler chooses the ‘business class’ flight option and once in the country opts to stay in five-star hotels, highlighting the eco-sustainable options on the southern coasts. In addition, the always artistic Florence and the canals of Venice stand out.

Venice is one of the favorite destinations for Peruvian luxury tourists in Italy. (Photo: agencies)

In the case of African countries, the choice is more Morocco, Egypt and South Africa. The first of them stands out due to the ecotourism options, since in recent years hotels and resorts neighboring the Atlantic Ocean have opened.

One of the pools at the Be Live Collection Saidia hotel, north of Morocco.  (Photo: AFP)

One of the pools at the Be Live Collection Saidia hotel, north of Morocco. (Photo: AFP)

In addition to the travel options, Peruvian tourists highlight the continuous attention of the agencies they hire for these experiences.

Clients are looking for a comprehensive service. These are people who do not have time to invest in travel destinations or their reservations. They are looking for an agency that gives them security about which hotel(s) their hotel(s) will be. As an agency we propose the option that best suits you in terms of service and logistics.”explains Natalia Ordoñez, founder of the luxury travel agency Be Part Of The Journey.


According to Ordoñez, his agency had a significant boost in sales last year, exceeding its 2019 results by 30%. In 2022, its income was still 20% below the pre-pandemic stage.

The key thing is the condition of the market. A trip is not a necessity, but an impulsive purchase. After the pandemic, customers opt for purchases that make them happy and the agency offers them the simple and optimal service to make the decision.”, he indicates.

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75% of the company’s clients are Peruvians living in Peru. The rest is distributed between Peruvians living abroad, mainly in the United States, and clients of other nationalities. The increase in demand also implies that the agency invests in strengthening its work team.

In 2023 we double our work team. We then invested in internal organization software to streamline processes. Having an office in the United States opened doors for us to have better suppliers.”, he points out.


  • According to Ricardo Acosta, president of Apavit, the foreign luxury tourist who arrives in Peru spends, on average, US$1,200 a day.
  • The Peruvian tourist who goes abroad can spend US$3,200 on his air ticket. The daily investment depends on the destination.
  • For cruises, Peruvians can pay US$7 thousand per person.

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