The recession during the last half of 2023 was another blow for restaurants. In the case of Jerónimo, the months of July and August, historically good for bonuses and gratuities, did not have the expected results. Another two difficult months followed, according to Moma Adrianzén, the restaurant’s chef.

September and October were critical months, very strange, because sales dropped significantly. There were few people spending. The drop was between 15% and 20% compared to a normal month, but we were able to stay afloat”, he comments.

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To reverse the situation, the business renewed its menu, including Mexican dishes such as guacamole with cheese and chicharrón, tacos campechanos or chilaquiles. In addition, it adjusted its prices, reducing them by around 15%.

The new letter has been worked on since mid-October and the results have been seen between November and December. Understanding what we are experiencing, the menu has more comfortable prices, the menu was adjusted by 15%. Both months closed well and for that reason I am hopeful that 2024 will be good in general”, he adds.

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In that sense, it indicates that the consumer now opts for lower priced options. Likewise, he likes different experiences. For this reason, last year they inaugurated the terrace of Jerome.

We have understood what is happening, having more comfortable prices. The focus is always on the person. That’s why last year we made an investment in infrastructure by building the terrace, which is being well received.”, he remarks.


Customers’ preference for Mexican food was partly due to the closure of Frida, a brand with dishes from that country run by Adrianzén, after the pandemic.

After Frida, which in addition to being a restaurant was a cantina, space for Mexican food was lost. We have attracted back a nice, fun, friendly Mexican offering. That has worked very well and has met expectations.”, he highlights.


Adrianzén says that he plans to open a headquarters of Jerome in Chile this year, as well as a second restaurant in his group.

I’m talking to a Chilean takeaway group Jerome to Chile. There are advanced conversations, we are working on a new concept of fish and seafood and we are trying to Jerome arrive this year”, he assures.

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Likewise, he points out that he has plans to take the franchise to Santa Cruz, in Bolivia. However, he said he could not give further details of the negotiation.

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