, a digital platform that offers gifts with different types of themes, increased its sales by 40% last year. Thus, Peru became the second best performing country for the brand, only behind its nation of origin, Argentina.

The company is characterized by offering a catalog of different experiences so that the gift recipient can choose the one they prefer. More than half of the gifts sold last year were in the gastronomy and relaxation categories. According to Chanel SerpaCountry Manager of Bigbox Peru, The boost to their sales was due to the fact that in 2023 they increased the number of important players among their offers.

In 2023 we close with brands such as Maido, Astrid and Gastón, the MCK group, among others. 33% of gifts sold are from the gastronomy category. In the B2C business, the average ticket increased S/40 last year, reaching S/260“, Explain.

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Last year Bigbox sold a million gifts. These have an exchange duration of one year, so, for now, 600 thousand have already been used. Serpa highlights that its portfolio of experiences for the public has 5,000 options. “In 2022 we had 3,500″, he points out.

Despite the good results, Serpa highlights that these could have been even better, but the country’s bad economic situation slowed down sales in the last quarter. “In the first nine months of 2023 we had a growth of 60%, but in the last quarter sales fell sharply, which did not allow us to continue on that curve. Either way it is a great growth for us”, he remarks.


The main objective of Bigbox is to position itself as the main reference in the gift business. Therefore, it seeks to further increase direct sales to users.

80% of the turnover comes from corporate sales, but our vision is that in four or five years the sales will be 50% for B2B and B2C. This is not because we will sell less in corporate, but because we are going to sell more for the client. That is why we launch options such as travel offers, which exceed S/4 thousand per ticket.“, it states.

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The expansion of ‘e-commerce’ allowed direct sales to continue growing. Serpa expects the trend to continue in 2024.

B2C grew almost 50% in 2023 compared to 2022. This growth was due to the good performance of ‘e-commerce’. We are working hard on the digital channel to improve it and that is why we believe that in 2024 the participation of this channel should increase. We want to improve the platform, improve its content and with all this penetrate the market and in the long term people have us in their ‘top of mind’”, he highlights.


Bigbox It is located in Argentina, where its headquarters is located, Peru, Uruguay, Chile and Mexico.

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