After consolidating its national strategy with which they seek to be leaders in their category, BeSifrah aims to internationalize the brand in the next two years, says Jhonny Chamayo, CEO of the company.

The company that sells jewelry, clothing accessories and accessories for the female public has been working on its omnichannel project, with which it seeks to ensure that its customers’ shopping experience is the same in its physical store and online. “We plan to start this year. We have advanced with part of this proposal, generating a good experience in the delivery of products in the shortest time possible,” says Chamayo.

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To this end, they have started an expansion plan in the main cities of the country, which will allow them to have more points of sale nationwide for the distribution of their products.

As part of its consolidation, BeSifrah will open 20 stores in the provinces of Huancayo, Cusco, Chincha, Ica, Huánuco, Piura, Huacho, Chimbote, Cajamarca and Lima, with an investment of around US$ 2 million.


The company closed 2023 with sales growth of 58% compared to the previous year and, by 2024, they expect growth to be above 30%, Chamayo projects.

In addition, it aims to have between one or two locations in the main cities of the country.

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