The Peruvian Beer Chamber rejects indexing of Selective Consumption Tax (ISC) to beer and affirms that contrary to what Alex Contreras, head of the Ministry of Economy and Finance (MEF), pointed out, he has not taken into account either the economic situation of the country or that of the category.

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“In 2022 we had the highest inflation in the last 25 years and during 2023 inflation did not reach the target range and we entered a recession. To this we must add the impact of social protests, political uncertainty and weather phenomena. Besides, “Minister Conteras indicated yesterday that the adjustment was going to be gradual but he has not been clear about it,” warns the union.

Carla Sifuentes, general manager of the Peruvian Beer Chamber, also maintains that the impact will be great, since it will affect the entire beer category – especially craft beers – but also the companies and people that are part of its production and marketing chain, and to consumers.

Craft beers would be the most affected.

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“Among those who make up In our value chain, there are more than 300 thousand wineries, for which beer represents approximately 30% of their income. But there are also other sectors that would be affected by the ISC, such as bars, restaurants, hotels, among others. In the end, it will have a direct impact on consumers”Explain.

Regarding the category, the executive pointed out that it has suffered in recent years from the increase in production costs, as a result of inflation, and the increase in the price of inputs, due to the international context. The situation has been more critical for craft beers, which were hit hard in the pandemic. “The indexation of the ISC could lead many of them to close their operations.”yes”, he remarks.

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Currently, our country, beer has the highest tax burden in Latin America, approximately representing more than 50% of the price of a beer, said Sifuentes. .

Alternative proposal from the brewers

The union, made up of Backus, Heineken, Candelaria and Sierra Andina, urges the Government to reevaluate what was stated in the MEF resolution and proposes the alternative of adjusting the ISC considering only the inflation of the last year and not the accumulated inflation since 2021 .

Beers represent 30% of winery sales.

Beers represent 30% of winery sales.

Making the adjustment to accumulated inflation, which is what the MEF resolution indicates, will have a critical impact on the category. On the other hand, if the adjustment is made only taking the last year as a reference, the Government could collect and companies would avoid a drastic adjustment not only now but also in the future,” accurate.

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