What is Aston Martin’s customer segment like?

It is a very small one, of people who in 99% of cases are connoisseurs, collectors, with other high-end vehicles or sports cars. exclusive brands. The average annual mileage for a car we sell is 1,000 per year. We do not sell a car to cover a mobility need, that is not our target.

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Does that distinguish you from the luxury market?

We operate very differently from luxury brands, because their range of products is different. For example, BMW, the one that sells the most luxury vehicles in Peru, has a product that starts at US$40,000 and goes up to US$200,000. We start at US$200,000 and go up to US$1.5 – US$2 million. How big is the universe of clients? That’s the difference, we have, maybe, a dozen buyers.

How were your sales in 2023?

In 2023 we will place five units between Aston Martin and McLaren, but as a company we not only have these brands in the umbrella that we represent. We have a special order unit and a brand of armored vehicles. As a company we have closed on 10 vehicles, because we brought Inkas units, which is a Canadian brand that armors vehicles.

How did you face the economic problems of the country and the world in recent years?

We entered a pandemic leaving 12 units sold. During the pandemic we had a drop in sales due to the confinement and 2021 was a year of recovery. (Then) came other atypical events that the country faced, but we did not slow down in sales, we maintained an average of four or five annual sales. 2023 was our indicator that we were back to pre-pandemic levels. In 2019 we only sold sports cars, in 2023 we have seen a mix of Aston Martin SUVs, McLaren and Inka armored units.

“There are cars not only limited by price, but by requirements. You have to be prequalified by the brand, by the cars you have before.”

How has been the acceptance of your first SUV, the DBX model?

We managed to secure two units in 2023, of which we have one left. The factory production capacity has been limited a little by the DBX 707, which is the fastest truck in the world, it is the additional that the brand offers. It is a model so requested worldwide that there is a long waiting line for its production.

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What expectations do you have for 2024?

We have a couple of new brand projects that we want to add to the portfolio. We want to have brands that target a price segment where there is greater volume while maintaining the characteristics of an exclusive brand.

We are placing McLaren units for the last quarter of the year. At Aston Martin there are a couple of models that we want to bring. In 2023, the DB12 was presented, which is the brand’s first with ‘touch screen’ and ‘wireless’ technology; and in 2024 the Valor will be launched, which will be 110 units for the 110 years of Aston Martin, will be manual and will cost US$2 million.

At Aston Martin, are there vehicles for which money is not enough to purchase?

There are cars not only limited by price, but by requirements. You have to be prequalified by the brand, by the cars you have before. The car that is launched may be of very low production, there may be less than 10 units and how do you choose those 10 customers? The brand has to be a little more detailed in the requirements it requests.

Is there demand for convertible versions?

There are two units in Peru: a Vantage convertible and a DB9 Lagonda convertible, they are not models that are requested much from us. Let’s look at the market: Lima, where 90% of the cars we sell are, is a city with three to four months of sun. Where do you take advantage of a convertible? In cities with more solar time. On the other hand, there is an issue of insecurity. Convertible cars with soft tops are highly vulnerable to crime.

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