The increased interest of Peruvian companies in having a presence in Europe, as well as the need for Peruvian professionals to be advised in ‘real state’ processes, international taxation or tax domiciles, led to the open your office in Madrid.

Following our clients is a very important mission. If our clients go to Europe, we have to accompany them. It is a representative office, a relationship office. We have a partner and an associate to start”, explains Alberto Rebaza, partner of the study.

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This is the second international experience of Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casassince it currently also operates in Chile.

The arrival in Europe is also explained because Peruvian capital found in that market a good way to grow and diversify risks.

During the first 20 years of the 21st century, Peruvian companies expanded to Chile, Mexico, a little less in Brazil. They had the goal of being multi-Latin. (…) With this follow-up Madrid We are not discovering anything new. With the slowdown in the region, not only the Peruthe paradigm changed and today the Peruvian companies large ones seek to migrate to the United States and Europe. They can also see options in the region, but that is no longer the only objective“, Explain.

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Precisely the next objective of the study is to start operations in USA. Despite this, the opening will not be close. “This year we will not go to the United States, but soon we will see the possibility”, he points out.


Last year the studio’s sales grew 17% compared to 2022. In that year they were already operating above pre-pandemic figures.

The 2023 results were due to the progress of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) operations despite the fact that last year was not positive for the closing of deals for the entire local market.

Despite the political crisis, the recession and the unfavorable international context, the studio has closed agreements. What happens is that when there is a crisis the transactions are more complex, the regulatory aspect, negotiations and financing is more complex, investors look for the most experts in the market; although it is more expensive. That’s why in M&A we grew by 22% last year”, he comments.

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In that sense, it also highlights that the quality of investors seeking to close deals is quite high.

“There was good movement in the energy, mining and agribusiness sectors. But it is not only the transactions, but also the quality of the investors. Not only are they Chinese investors, infrastructure or private equity funds also entered, as well as Central American groups, such as the Hame Group that bought Agrokasa. The practice was robust,”

adds Alberto Rebaza, partner of the Rebaza, Alcázar & De Las Casas studio.

Rebaza also highlighted sales in the transactional and complex litigation area.

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