The talent search market started 2023 with little dynamism, but this situation has improved in the second half.

Two major trends are on the horizon: the demand for executives with technological profile and the search for empathetic leaders with sensitivity to the environment, points out Luis Leey, partner at Amrop.

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The current context demands new professionals, new profiles, more linked to technology. How much are they reviewing these types of profiles?

Quite. This trend accelerated after COVID-19. It still continues, but it has been re-profiled. We look for it, whether in Peru or abroad. We turn to other countries where these capabilities are well developed to bring them to the country. And, in parallel, there is also a data analytics trend, which we also seek and bring.

It is said that there is demand, but there are no profiles. Has that been improving in recent years?

It has improved. The pressure on these profiles has decreased, which is good for companies because when there is that type of accelerated demand they have to pay more. There is a recomposition in that digital market for this type of specialists. But apart from that we are also placing people with the digital chip in companies, who are people more open to change, flexibility and trying new things for their business.

Is there more awareness that we need these types of professional profiles in Peru?

Yeah. There is more awareness. The same companies are training their talents in digital issues. Another trend is that before each company wanted to have its own in-house digital area; Now what is happening is that they are going to a outsourcing of digital topics.

It is inevitable to talk about the economic context that the country is experiencing. 2024 is still an uncertainty and this affects employment. On the recruiting side, how is this being perceived?

The first part of the year was a little heavier. There was movement, but in exchange. Very few new positions, because to open new positions it is because there is private or public investment. That investment is a little depressed, but for this second half we have felt that there has been greater movement in the market. Now we are growing at one digit, but our expectation is to grow next year at double digits.

What other profiles are in demand in the market?

A profile that is in high demand is sustainability, and not only for the position of managers, but also CEOs with the mindset of conscious leadership. When we talk to our clients they tell us: ‘I want leaders who not only comply with numbers and profitability, but also how this impacts their environment.’

And how do you determine that a person has that ability?

We look for them in two ways. One for psychometric tests. And the other with evaluations that we do to the candidates. What has he done in his past life? What is the concern? If he is an empathetic character with sensitivity to his environment.

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