The current economic context of a recession has made companies rethink their medium and long-term investments. However, a bet that has remained valid is that of technology, according to Sangram Sahoo. The general manager of TCS Peru said he hopes that growth will be maintained in the coming years – although to a lesser extent – given that the private sector is seeking to reduce costs and gain efficiency.

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– To gain competitiveness, it is necessary to invest in technology. Regarding this, how much progress have you seen in Peru in the last year?

When we talk about competitiveness, there are several topics included within this and I can highlight some topics. One is productivity, also innovation. And particularly if we look at technology, many organizations that we are working with here in Peru and in the world are using technology to provide better service and accelerate their innovation processes. In this sense, technology in our point of view is essential to use as a tool to be more competitive.

– And can it be used even in more traditional sectors?

Absolutely. Today technology, use of AI, data and analytics are applicable to any industry.

-And in which sector do you see the greatest application of technology?

What we are seeing locally and within our client portfolio, we see that banks and financial services such as insurers and AFPs actively use technology to take advantage. The second most important industry in the use of technology is retail and mass consumption. Another industry is mining, manufacturing and others.

-And which sector do you see opportunity and are not seeing great progress?

Currently, these technologies can be used in health, agriculture and several others. We look closely at the retail industry, mass consumption, banks and financial services in general.

– What have been the results of Tata Consultancy Services?

We are going to close a year with growth compared to 2022. We know that there is a slowdown in the economy in general, but if we look at how the technology service industry has evolved, there is growth. We also hope that over the next few years there will be growth. Less, but there will be growth. We aim for this because, with everything that has happened with the economy, the focus is shifting to the use of technology to gain efficiency and reduce costs.

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