Every other day we read headlines in the national and foreign press about the importance of the new Port of Chancay and its commercial impact in the region as the new gateway between South America and Asia. The potential and commercial and industrial transformation opportunities that our country will offer are great, not only through the port of Chancay, but also by incorporating the ports into more comprehensive logistics concepts such as those generated with the recent law to promote cabotage (already approved in the first vote) and have Free Trade Agreements with the majority of the Asia Pacific economies, but also complementing the logistics platform with a promoting and long-awaited legislation on Special Economic Zones that allows the country to attract investments and compete internationally with the nations that already offer this investment generating model.

When the Port of Chancay shareholders agreement contract was negotiated with COSCO, in the multiple conversations that were held in Shanghai, I was able to understand that the planning of the People’s Republic of China within its Belt and Road program was to create highways world trade that allows us to supply necessary resources to a growing population that would reach 1.4 billion human beings, simultaneously promoting development and world trade; In this long-term vision, great interest was focused on the potential of South America and its natural, mining and agricultural resources, including especially trade with our neighbor Brazil, which represents 50% of Latin America’s trade with China. .

In those years, Memorandums of Understanding had been signed between China, Peru and Brazil to see the feasibility of building a train that links Brazil to the Pacific Ocean. The feasibility study was financed and commissioned by the CREEC company, which concluded that the train It was possible, however, leaving more specific technical and development aspects to be addressed; This long-awaited interconnection is waiting to be put back in the folder and take a transcendental step to enable the departure of around USD 29 billion of exports from western Brazil to Asia, but also take a great step of integration for hundreds of Amazonian peoples. and Andean. The benefits are immeasurable, they are as great as the results of implementing the East West railroad that allowed the great development of the United States. In our case, the effect will be to enable and encourage the development of the timber, livestock, agricultural, energy and tourism industries, among others, as well as to initiate true integration, not only national but continental, generating thousands of jobs along the way. of work.

Resuming the Peru-Brazil interconnection train project is a necessity that suits the national interest and that relevantly involves two great powers such as China and Brazil for our country, bringing together relevant opportunity variables today as the national port infrastructure is being generally strengthened, as well as the technological and management improvement of commerce and industrialization.

The port of Chancay will undoubtedly be an important point in the logistics chain and can become the tip of the “iceberg” that materializes the great potential of having a privileged geostrategic condition; From the private sector we have been working to make the Port of Chancay a reality by bridging the gap in infrastructure and national logistics management. It is up to our leaders to incorporate the vision of the State and promote transformative projects such as the aforementioned Peru-Brazil integration railway.

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