The crisis that Peru is experiencing today is undeniable. We face a stagnant economy and constant instability that affects us all. One of the main reasons for this crisis is that the dialogue between businessmen and the State has been interrupted for several governments. The price we are paying for having left out the private sector in the construction of the country is a year without growth. The next one could be even worse, if the threat of El Niño becomes a reality.

The 61st edition of CADE Executives focused on rebuilding this dialogue, in an open, transparent and public way. We had the opportunity for each strategic economic sector, represented by its ministers, to dialogue with businessmen and union leaders, in order to reach agreements that have a real and positive impact on the lives of Peruvians, in the short term.

Peru needs concrete actions, not just speeches or good intentions. Therefore, the event left us a real legacy that will benefit citizens. These are two portfolios with almost 50 investment projects that must be executed in just two years. These projects, which will mostly focus on the Cusco region, focus on closing the basic sanitation gap that affects Peruvians.

To achieve this, there will be the intervention of the private sector, which thus demonstrates its commitment to the country and the creation of full and formal jobs, which improve the quality of life of the population. This is an example of the potential that the works for taxes (OxI) mechanism has and that we could apply in all regions of Peru. Thanks to the close coordination we have had with the regional governor of Cusco, Werner Salcedo, we know that today there are more than US$1.2 billion in OxI projects that could radically change the economy and the current situation of Cusco’s infrastructure.

We said it from the first moment: bringing CADE Executives to Cusco is a symbolic milestone and a commitment to true decentralization, and it is also a way to put the region and its needs on the national agenda. At IPAE Acción Empresarial, we are committed to decentralization and we are convinced that it is possible to achieve the development of all regions thanks to this type of initiatives. Yesterday it was Paracas, today it was Cusco and tomorrow it will be all of Peru. “Believe again, grow again” was not only the motto of the 61st edition of CADE Executives; It is also a commitment that businessmen assume with the country.

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