In an interview, Gallagher’s country head, Pietro Solari, took stock of the operation in 2023 and shared the company’s plans for next year. One where they will seek their expansion throughout Peru, betting on positioning themselves in Arequipa.

– What are the preliminary results for 2023?

2023 has been a good year for us. In both operations, reinsurance and retail, we have done well despite the market situation. Both companies are at a different level of maturity, but we have been able to find niches where we can develop. On a consolidated basis, we have been able to grow close to 40%. Something that is not normal in a situation like this. We have developed our brand quite a bit in the corporate sector and have reached important clients in human risks.

– In reinsurance, which branch has stood out?

We have had to reinvent ourselves. Because one of the main business opportunities in this line are infrastructure projects, which are completely stopped given the situation. Given this, we have turned to human risks. We are the only broker with this specialty and we have found niches in both the mass and collective markets. We have been able to export our capabilities to markets such as Bolivia and Paraguay.

– In the case of retail?

We have further developed our capabilities against occupational risks. We have found a niche where our brand has been well received.

-How is 2024 positioned?

Regardless of the fact that the situation poses a complex scenario, we look at it with great optimism. We will continue with our expansion plan. We are thinking of opening an operation in the south of the country, with which we will consolidate our brand. Possibly it will be in Arequipa. We already have an operation in the north and we are already consolidated in Lima.

– With a physical position in the south?

The operation opens in Arequipa, we are racing to launch it this year. The development focus, through this platform, is for 2024.

-And how much more could you contribute to Gallagher’s growth?

I estimate that it could give us a boost of 15 to 20% added to our inorganic growth strategy. We are always looking for opportunities that allow us to incorporate portfolios with certain characteristics.

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