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Reaching 62 thousand clients last year also meant double-digit growth compared to the previous year. That is why for Santiago Rubio, general director of Verisure Perú, what was achieved last year is the beginning of more ambitious goals in the long term. One of the main ones: achieve its consolidation in the Peruvian market, reaching 100 thousand clients by 2027.

“We have good expectations. Our goal is to reach 75 thousand clients in 2025 and by 2027 we can reach the first 100 thousand clients in Peru. The path is to continue betting on the model, generate new sales channels and explore alliances that take us to our goal.”says in an interview with this supplement.

It is also a time in which the feeling of insecurity has led to the culture of prevention becoming more widespread among Peruvians. According to the company’s latest Security Barometer, which collected information between January and April 2023, 75% of Peruvians feel that citizen insecurity has worsened compared to the last half of last year. Likewise, 84% do not feel safe on the streets and 38% do not feel safe at home either, which explains the high demand in the security market.

According to data from the Verisure Alarm Receiving Center, in the last year there has been an increase of 67% in incidents compared to 2021. (Photo: Diffusion)

“It is a cultural issue, people become aware that we live in a country where there is a certain insecurity. This starts to sink in and you understand that you have to protect yourself in some way. So the market is growing. The alarm monitoring market itself is growing year after year and we still have expectations that it will continue to increase”says Rubio.

Thus, of the total number of clients that Verisure has at the end of 2023, 37 thousand are households and more than 25 thousand are businesses nationwide. The latter being the ones that, according to data from the Verisure Alarm Receiving Center, account for 63% of reported thefts.

Investment in innovation

The company has an innovation laboratory, where products are created and then launched on the market. This year, Verisure worldwide invested more than 76.3 million euros in innovation. With this, they total close to 297 million euros invested over the last 5 years.

Rubio comments that this work with the innovation laboratories in Europe and the alliance with Arlo, a European manufacturer of high-level cameras, will allow Peru to be offered new products during 2024 and 2025. Although he preferred not to provide details about upcoming launches, he specified that the big bet will continue to be ZeroVision, which represents 37% of sales nationwide. This year alone, it had a growth of 7% compared to 2022.

“It is an expulsion system that, when we verify with camera sensors that it is a real event, we activate the cannula that expels the white smoke and with which you see absolutely nothing”he claimed.

The company has an innovation laboratory, where products are created and then launched on the market.  (Photo: Diffusion)

The company has an innovation laboratory, where products are created and then launched on the market. (Photo: Diffusion)

/ Ariza Horna

New strategies

For this year, Verisure will also seek to make its commercial proposal go beyond a security alarm system, with mechanisms such as Guardian, a system that works as a geolocator and activates protocols following specific patterns.

“When you order a taxi and proceed to activate the service, a route is generated from your starting point to your destination point. We evaluate the travel time and the probable route to take. If one changes, a protocol is activated.”

At a commercial level, Verisure installed a service module in the Jockey Plaza, making this the brand’s first in a shopping center. This has served as a pilot plan and in 2024 the expansion in the retail channel should continue, Rubio told Día1.

The goal is to diversify the channels. To date, the channel of in-person visits carried out by security experts represents close to 90% of sales.

“We want to continue our expansion in Lima as well as in the provinces. Today we are in almost all the provinces with the latest openings in Cajamarca, Huancayo and Tacna this year. At the organizational level, we already have more than 9,000 collaborators”he adds.

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