2024 marks the beginning of a new chapter for Toyota del Perú with the assumption of Mr. Takuo Muto as CEO. The executive will replace Daisuke Hori, who served as president for the last two years.

Muto’s leadership will focus on maintaining the excellence of the leading automotive brand, ensuring its continued position as a benchmark in the sector.

“I assume this position with a great challenge: to maintain the excellent results achieved under the guidance of Mr. Hori and under the customer-first philosophy. Likewise, aligned with Toyota’s global objectives, I am committed to working closely to move towards carbon neutrality,” He said in his inauguration speech.

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In line with its goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2050, Toyota has incorporated a multi-technology approach into its product offering. Among which stand out hybrid electric cars, which do not need to be plugged in and generate fuel savings. In addition, they have led circular economy initiatives, to more efficiently use the auto parts of their vehicles. With various activities, it allowed them to achieve the third star of the Carbon Footprint program of the Ministry of the Environment in 2023.

Takuo Muto, a graduate in Foreign Affairs from the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, is eager to return to work on the front line, maintaining the same orientation and focus he acquired from Massa Inoue, CEO of Toyota for Latin America.

The new CEO of Toyota del Perú has more than 32 years of experience at Toyota Motor Corporation. He began his career in 1992 in the Latin American division in Tokyo. His career has been an upward progression, from key sales and marketing roles in Latin America to executive positions in Japan and Brazil, where he strategically led high-performing teams.

He held senior management roles in different regions, such as Australia, where he led the coordination of operations in Sydney and Melbourne (Australia) as director and senior executive director. Between 2022 and 2023, he played a key role as General Project Manager in the East Asia and Oceania Division at Toyota Motor Corporation of Japan, continuing his legacy of strategic leadership in the global automotive industry.

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