With a ringing of the bell , LarrainVial, exclusive distributor of Invesco, announced the entry of 12 new ETFs in the Peruvian stock market. This expands the securities offering of this manager in the Global Markets segment of the BVL to 16.

LarrainVial has represented Invesco, one of the most relevant players in global markets, for 15 years.and starting this 2024 by giving local investors access to their ETFs, through the stock market, is excellent news, given the tax benefits they mean”, highlighted Juan José Ponce, manager of Institutional Distribution of LarrainVial.

This milestone is part of our commitment to the local stock market and our search to increase the offer of quality investment instruments and reach a larger universe of investors“, said Alejandra Saldías, head sales of LarrainVial.

The Global Markets segment at the BVL provides access to 15 international managers and has an offer of 150 ETFs, expanding investment instruments and international diversification options without the need to open investment contracts abroad and under a regulated infrastructure such as stock brokerage companies.

Have new investment instruments provided by important global fund managers They provide greater diversification opportunities, complementing the local opportunities of our market very well.”, highlighted Miguel Ángel Zapatero, general manager of the Lima Stock Exchange.

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