announced the launch of a new feature that allows users to quickly and easily purchase gas cylinders directly from the application.

“The purchase of gas cylinders is part of the essential services of millions of homes in the country. Therefore, with this new functionality we want to simplify the experience of requesting a gas cylinder and be able to pay directly with Yape without having to carry cash, call a distributor or even write on WhatsApp.”commented Alonso LunaYape Product Owner.

Yape added that this functionality has as allies authorized distributors with the guarantee of a service that meets the safety and fair weight requirements.

To access this new functionality, which has been implemented in partnership with Primax Gasyaperos must open the application, select the option ‘Ask for Gas’, enter your address, confirm the yapeo and the order will automatically be attended to by a Primax Gas distributor. The gas bottle will be at the door of the yapero in up to an hour.

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“Although the functionality is currently available for 9 districts of the capital, by the end of March it will be enabled for all of Metropolitan Lima and Callao, and we hope that in the first half of the year we will begin to gradually add more cities in Peru,” added Alonso Luna from Yape.

Yape Gas is part of the new functionalities that Yape, Peru’s super app, offers to its more than 14 million Yape users such as recharges, credits, payment of services, buying and selling dollars, Remittances, Yape Store, Yape Tickets , Yape Promos, among others.

Last year, in an interview with El Comercio, Yape CEO Raimundo Morales indicated that the platform intends to become the main digital ecosystem in Peru.

“Our bet is to go from being a payment application to becoming the main digital ecosystem in Peru and simplifying the day-to-day life of Yaperos. This implies technological changes that we have been working on and developing to launch new functionalities because we want people to spend more time on Yape and be able to do more and more things, from ordering products, making purchases, paying, playing or accessing other platforms using Yape as “a digital distribution medium”said.

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