The Private Investment Promotion Agency (ProInversión) has called the Comprehensive Projects Competition for the concession delivery of the project “Operation and Maintenance of the New Emergency Hospital of Villa El Salvador”.

The project, which requires an estimated investment of US$ 114 million, will be concessioned through the Public-Private Partnership modality with a duration of 15 years and consists of the financing of the operation and maintenance of the aforementioned hospital; that is, providing services Gray Robe in the operation and maintenance of general services (food, laundry, cleaning and biosecurity, security and comprehensive surveillance); in addition to the maintenance of the building, the facilities and the electromechanical equipment, associated with the infrastructure, as well as the clinical and non-clinical equipment.

The contest rules, which contain the conditions and requirements to participate – along with the schedule of corresponding activities and the guarantees to be presented, as well as the contract projects, are available to interested parties on the ProInversión institutional portal (InvestinPeru ).

Project benefits

One of the main benefits of the project “Operation and maintenance of the Villa El Salvador Emergency Hospital” is the reduction in the waiting time for care of the Hospital’s beneficiary population.

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Also, ensure the continuity of specialized health care with quality standards and opportunity for more than one million inhabitants in the sphere of influence of the jurisdiction of the Health Directorate II Lima Sur, specifically the Villa El Salvador-Lurín Network. Pachacamac-Pucusana, which includes the districts of Villa El Salvador, Lurín, Pachacamac and five other resort districts on the south coast of Lima.

The project for the Operation and Maintenance of the Villa el Salvador Hospital is linked to the strategic and operational policies and plans of the Minsa, such as the National Multisectoral Health Policy for 2030 “Peru Healthy Country”, the Multiannual Sectoral Strategic Plan (PESEM ) 2016-2021, expanded to the year 2025, of the Health Sector, Policy No. 13: Universal Access to Health Services and Social Security of the National Agreement and the General Health Law No. 26842; as well as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), specifically with SDG 3 “Health and Well-being”, taking as goals to reduce the maternal mortality rate to less than 70 per 100,000 live births, ending preventable deaths of newborns born and children under 5 years of age, among others.

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