Congresswoman Digna Calle ( Podemos Peru ) asked the president of the Transportation and Communications Commission to extend an invitation to the Minister of Transportation and Communications, Raúl Pérez-Reyes, to develop his comments regarding the at S/7.50 and the position that the Municipality of Lima could take.

“Yesterday in statements to different media, the Minister of Transport and Communications, Raúl Pérez-Reyes Espejo, indicated that it is up to the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima to accept or not the increase announced by Rutas de Lima”says Calle in his letter sent as “very urgent” to the president of the aforementioned commission. Eduardo Salhuana.

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“For this reason, and since your client has been evaluating holding an extraordinary session to address the problem represented by the increase in tolls administered by Rutas de Lima, I request that you summon the Minister of Transportation for said session in order to present and develop its position regarding whether such an increase should be accepted or not by the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima, since it is a matter of public interest and whose arguments could well be invoked by its owner against the position of the company Rutas de Lima”, he adds.

Yesterday, Minister Pérez-Reyes indicated that the MML will see “whether or not it agrees to that increase, and based on that it is defined whether the toll increases or not.”

On the other hand, today he pointed out that the government is analyzing the possibility that residents who live in areas surrounding the toll booths can access a social rate.

“Those who live near a toll and have not used the road previously and have to pass it – because for practical purposes there is no way to access the next part of the road – the figure of a social toll is proposed, to the extent “that the vehicles that are passing are recognized and a subsidy is recognized for them,” explained the head of the MTC before the media this January 17.

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He explained that it has been identified that the tolls located in northern Lima They are the ones who would need this possible state subsidy, In order not to harm its inhabitants, it is worth specifying that two booths are located in this area, that of Chillón, in Puente Piedra and that of Ancón, in the district of the same name, at a distance of less than an hour’s trip.

Concern in Puente Piedra

Given this possible increase, the mayor of Puente Piedra, was against the measure and indicated that this increase does not correspond to the service offered by the company.

“We are very concerned because it has been announced that the toll will rise to S/ 7.50 at a time when we are in the midst of a recession. This increase, even if it is one sol, is going to harm the neighbors.because the increase in tickets is also going to occur”Espinoza said in dialogue with Canal N.

“The works they do are anti-technical, they are not appropriate. One must pay a toll, but it is a slow road, one comes from Ancón and they can see up to twelve traffic lights. There is no provision of services that corresponds to the payment and increasing it now is truly crazyhe added.

They summon Mayor López Aliaga and RdL

Yesterday, the congresswoman Rosselli Amuruz Dulanto (Avanza País) requested the president of the Transportation and Communications Commission to send an invitation to the mayor of Lima, Rafael López-Aliaga, and a representative of the concessionaire, Rutas de Lima, to attend said commission and show their respective positions on the topic.

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