Congresswoman Rosselli Amuruz Dulanto (Avanza País) asked the president of the Transportation and Communications Commission to send an invitation to the mayor of Lima, Rafael López-Aliaga, and a representative of the concessionaire, Rutas de Lima, to attend said commission. and show their respective positions on the announced

“Our representation and oversight work requires us to ensure the economic and social stability of Peruvians; In this sense, guarantee good road service; given that for a long time the mayor of Metropolitan Lima Rafael López-Aliaga has been denouncing that said concessionaire does not comply with the contractual terms.”indicates the letter addressed to the president of said commission Eduardo Salhuana.

“For this reason it is important that the representative of the aforementioned concessionaire Rutas de Lima be urgently invited to explain the reasons for its intended toll increase and the Mayor of the Municipality of Metropolitan Lima, Mr. Rafael López-Aliaga. representative of the affected commune”, he adds.

Demand in the TC

On the other hand, Congresswoman Digna Calle (Vamos Perú) asked the Constitutional Court to quickly resolve the Habeas Corpus lawsuit filed against Rutas de Lima for the toll in the Puente Piedra district.

“With great helplessness and discomfort we have learned of the announcement by the Rutas de Lima company about the increase in the price of its tolls, going from S/.6.50 to S/.7.50,” points out in a letter addressed to the president of the TC, Francisco Morales.

“For this reason, Mr. President of the Constitutional Court, the process followed against the company Rutas de Lima SAC is of public interest and since December 4 of this year, the process that will resolve whether or not to withdraw the Rutas de Lima tolls, located in the northern area of ​​Lima, is up for vote, I hereby request your representative to expeditiously resolve the matter in question,” precise.

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