Sustainable Peru, an organization that brings together companies committed to the social, environmental and economic development of the country, announced the election of the new board of directors that will guide its actions during the 2024-2025 period.

This new board is made up of distinguished representatives of the business sector committed to the sustainable development of the country.

Heading the board, Óscar Caipo was elected president, president of Entrepreneurs for Integrity, president of CONFIEP (2021-2023), and former main partner of KPMG in Peru. His leadership and career will provide a key strategic vision to promote the work that Sustainable Peru has been doing.

One of the main objectives of Sustainable Peru this new year will be to contribute to a greater business impact on the sustainable development of the country at the national level, strengthening the relationship with regions and promoting a culture of sustainability in companies and citizens.

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“We receive this assignment with the greatest responsibility and with the commitment to continue promoting the sustainable development of our country, reinforcing the role of companies to generate positive impact in the country”said Caipo upon assuming the presidency of the board.

Accompanying Óscar Caipo as vice presidents will be: Aldo Ferrini, CEO of SURA, and Mariela García, CEO of Ferreycorp. Both business leaders with wide recognition in the sector. The board is completed with a select group of business leaders, among them are: Alfonso Bustamante (CONFIEP), Gonzalo Galdos (IPAE), Ricardo Fernández (L+1), Gianfranco Ferrari (Credicorp and EsHoy), Verónica Zavala (Independiente), Marlene Molero (ELSA), Darío Zegarra (Newmont), Juan Fernando Correa (Peruvians for Peruvians), Manuel Van Oordt (LATAM), Gabriel Quijandría (IUCN), Rolando Arellano (Arellano Marketing), Adriana Giudice (Austral Group), Julia Torreblanca (Cerro Verde), Frida Delgado (RPP Group), Ernesto Balarezo (Sierra Metals), Carlos Neuhaus (Corporate Engineering), Marushka Chocobar (International Telecommunication Union Women in Technology Global Challenge) and Rodrigo Isasi (Friday).

The members of this board have been actively participating in the Action Roundtables that address fundamental issues such as gaps in education, water and sanitation, infrastructure, gender equality, institutionality, among others, as well as in the Sectoral Routes that it has been developing. Sustainable Peru in recent years.

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