Peru’s mining exports amounted to US$ 3,526 million in November 2023, which reflected a growth of 22.6% compared to the same month in 2022 (US$ 2,877 million), reported the National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy ( SNMPE).

The mining union also indicated that mining exports between January and November 2023 totaled US$38,673 million, representing an increase of 11.7%, compared to the same period in 2022 (US$34,624 million).

The SNMPE announced that copper exports reached US$ 1,868 million last November, a figure that represented an increase of 22.7% compared to the same month in 2022 (US$ 1,523 million).

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The growth in copper exports registered in November 2023 – he explained – was due to the volume increasing by 16.5% and the price increasing by 5.3% compared to the same month in 2022.

The business union cited that gold exports reached 1,062 million dollars last November, which represented a growth of 35.7% compared to the same month in 2022 (US$ 783 million).

Exports of this precious metal were favored by the increase in volume by 17.9% and its price by 15% compared to November 2022.

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