The expressed its concern about a possible new financial rescue to for a total of US$ 2,550 million, as has been announced in different media.

“As is public knowledge, the aforementioned company has already received a contribution from the State of more than 1% of the national GDP in 2022, support that required an obligation to restructure the company to avoid falling into financial and technical bankruptcy. However, this process was not completed and, worse still, the company has increased its losses to the point that today they total close to US$ 1.7 billion between the years 2022 and 2023,” says the SNI in a statement.

The union reports that the history of this state company is worsened by the enormous liabilities generated mainly by the project of the Talara refinerywhich will end up costing all Peruvians close to US$8.5 billion.

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Likewise, due to the loss of market share of Petro-Perú, which today is only 31% compared to the 50% it maintained in 2018.

“It is evident that the injection of public money will not solve the structural and financial problems that Petro-Perú is facing, but, on the contrary, under these conditions we will continue to witness a pernicious dynamic that increasingly suffocates the State that supports it”he points out.

“The rescue of Petro-Perú does not contribute to generating the climate of confidence necessary to stabilize our economy. “Petro-Perú must pass into private hands for its administration, creating adequate governance for efficient and transparent management,” he adds.

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