announced that so far it has executed S/ 2,200 million in more than 60 works built in Panamericana Norte and Sur.

The Lima Routes project contemplates an investment of S/3,000 million in the aforementioned roads. The projects executed are:

– 15 new road interchanges such as: January 25, Los Alisos, Naranjal, Chillón, El Derby, Asháninkas, among others.

– 16 new bridges: 3 vehicular (Arica, Quebrada Seca and San Pedro) and 13 pedestrian.

– 81 existing pedestrian bridges rehabilitated.

– 32 bus stops built.

– The Benavides Tunnel.

– 2,600,000 m2 of new pavement.

In addition, he indicated that once the Metropolitan Municipality of Lima delivers the 100% released land, Rutas de Lima will execute the Canta Callao Road Interchange, which will consist of 16 months of execution with 125 thousand users benefiting per day due to travel time savings. Also, the Ramiro Prialé Highway, with 24 months of execution and 135 thousand users benefiting.

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Additionally, he noted that he has invested S/1.3 billion in operation and maintenance for the benefit of the thousands of users who use the concession daily:

– 300,000 emergency services and road aid

– 52 kilometers of barriers and other road safety elements maintained

– 56 monitoring cameras

– Operations Control Center serving 24 hours a day x 365 days a year

– Replacement of pavements

– Conservation of 100 bridges

The company highlighted that the toll is the source that covers the operation, maintenance, conservation, security, cleaning and user service on the concessioned roads, in addition to the fulfillment of obligations with workers and with the Permitted Secured Creditors.

As expressed in its recent statement, the last toll readjustment was in February 2022 (with inflation for the year 2021). The readjustment for the current year 2024 corresponds to the accumulated inflation of the years 2022 and 2023.

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