The Association for the Promotion of National Infrastructure (AFIN) expressed concern about the constant interruptions in telecommunications services, especially mobile telephonycaused, mostly, by power outages in various regions of Peru.

Through a statement, AFIN explained that This situation harms millions of mobile phone users and generates a negative impact on the economy.

Between January and September 2023, there were 19,807 mobile phone service outages caused by power outages.a, which represents 70% of the total interruptions. Although the sector’s concern regarding this problem has been expressed on repeated occasions, to date an effective solution has not been found.”, he indicated.

AFIN recalled that, according to the Constitution, it is up to the State to promote the use of information and communication technologies throughout the country, but considered that this cannot be possible if the continuity of the electrical service that serves as the basis for the mobile telephone service is not guaranteed.

“Thus, We invoke the intervention of Osinergmin, Fonafe and the Ministry of Energy and Mines to give priority treatment to the electrical supplies that support the telecommunications infrastructure.recognizing them as essential loads, as occurs with other basic services, as well as adopting greater control regarding the repeated interruptions of electrical services that occur nationwide,” he concluded.


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