Behind the of the third stage of the irrigation project (La Libertad), the Minister of Agrarian Development and Irrigation, Jennifer Contreras, indicated that the works on said irrigation project will conclude in April 2027.

In an interview with RPP Noticias, he indicated that currently the Executive is already in the process of preparing the contract for the execution of the works by the Government of Canada, winner of the tender.

“This is the Palo Redondo dam and the third stage of the Virú Siphon. The project will be completed in April 2027. “This covers more than 140 thousand hectares benefiting the north of the country and more than 129 thousand 500 producers.”said.

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“With the construction of this dam we are also benefiting the population of Trujillo with the construction of a drinking water plant. Agro-exports are also promoted, in those international markets that we have already won. “This award is a benefit for the Peruvian State.”he added.

Majes Siguas

Contreras also maintained that the awarding of Chavimochic can serve as a good precedent to commit to the completion of the construction works. .

“We hope that with this award of Chavimochic, the Regional Government of Arequipa sees a potential path to do the same with Majes 1 and Majes 2. In the decentralization process, the major processes are in the regional governments”he pointed out.

Yesterday, the president of the Council of Ministers, Alberto Otárola the news about the award of the third stage of Chavimochic, with the Government of Canada being the winner.

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