Following the announcement of an upcoming increase in the cost of tolls administered by at S/ 7.50 soles, the head of the Ministry of Transportation and Communications (), Raúl Pérez Reyes, reported that the Executive is analyzing the possibility that residents who live in areas surrounding the toll booths can access a “social toll.”

For this reason, he indicated that presenting a bill in this regard is being evaluated.

“The idea of ​​the toll is that it is paid by whoever uses it, but those who live near a toll and have not used the road previously, and have to pass it because there is no way to access the next part of the road; What is done is that these people are identified and the figure of a social toll is proposed to the extent that the vehicles that are passing are recognized, and a subsidy is recognized for them, because in practice it is a subsidy,” he said. upon leaving Congress.

“What we are seeing is precisely proposing a regulatory proposal, a bill, without a doubt. It would be necessary to identify whether it is a total or partial subsidy“he added

Furthermore, he explained that they have identified that the tolls located in northern Lima are the ones that would need this possible state subsidy, In order not to harm its inhabitants, it is worth specifying that two booths are located in this area, that of Chillón, in Puente Piedra and that of Ancón, in the district of the same name, at a distance of less than an hour’s trip.

“The problem is mainly the tolls that are in the northern area. But this must be complemented with additional measures, for example, in the northern part of the city there are almost 800 vehicles a month that pass the gate, they do not break it, but they do not respect it. So, we are modifying the rule so that this is considered a serious infraction and they would have to pay a very high fine,” he added.

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After the announcement of the toll cost increase, the mayor of Puente Piedra, Rennan Espinozaexpressed the discontent of the residents of the district by pointing out that the only way they can get to the Center of Lima goes through the toll booths, so they will be harmed by the increase in prices.

“We do not have alternative routes, we do not have vehicle speed to the Center of Lima, there is no type of service and many works that have not been completed. We are in recession and do you want to raise prices?” he pointed out to the press.

Trade contacted the MTC and the MEF to obtain more information about Minister Pérez Reyes’ announcement. At press time, no comments were obtained.


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