He (BCR) reported that The value of exports totaled USD 5,886 million in November 2023, 16.4% higher than that registered in November 2022due to the increase in shipments of copper, gold, zinc and non-traditional products (chemicals, non-metallic mining and agricultural products) and, to a lesser extent, due to an increase in export prices (gold, copper and non-traditional agricultural products).

Through a report, the BCR specified that The increase in shipped volumes, which reaches 10%, is explained by greater shipments of traditional products such as copper, gold, zinc and coffee; as well as non-traditional shipments with chemical, non-metallic mining and agricultural products.

Export prices increased 5.8% year-on-year, mainly in gold and copperin line with the evolution of international commodity prices, as well as agricultural products and fishmeal, driven by the impact of weather changes on the supply of these products“, indicated the issuing entity.

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