The sale of electrified vehicles registered a new historical figure in 2023. According to official information, 4,484 units were sold in 2023, reaching an expansion of 67.3% compared to 2022, reported the Automotive Association of Peru (AAP). ).

He indicated that only last December 408 units were sold, a figure higher by 65.5% at an annual rate.

“2023 has ended with the highest number of units sold since it was recorded and only with the effort of the private sector; “In other countries, growth is much higher as a result of the promotional measures established by their governments to encourage the growth of this market and benefit their citizens,” referred Alberto Morisakimanager of Economic Studies and Statistics of the Automotive Association of Peru (AAP).

The increase noted in Peru, he said, is explained by various factors, among them the largest offer by the concessionaire companies, who have introduced a significant number of models from different brands to the market. Likewise, the local buyer has been taking greater interest in contributing to the care of the environment, since these vehicles contribute to the reduction of environmental pollution levels. Another factor is the significant savings in fuel use and in vehicle maintenance.

However, Morisaki noted, the penetration of this technology is low (2.5%), that is, For every 100 light and heavy vehicles sold in the country, only 2.5 are electrified. A small number compared to other reference markets in the region. For example, according to information as of December 2023, The sale of eco-friendly vehicles in Colombia reached 31,500 units during that year, seven times more than what was sold in our country, which meant a penetration level of 17%.

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On the other hand, it indicated that, when disaggregating the information by type of technology, during 2023 the most marketed electrified vehicles were conventional hybrids or HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) with 3,928 units (+63.1% ), followed by plug-in hybrids or PHEV (Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle) with 289 units (+170.1%), and pure electric vehicles or BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) with 267 units (+61.8%). .

Meanwhile, regarding participation by technology within eco-friendly vehicles, it is observed that Conventional hybrids are the most preferred, although their participation has reduced from 93.7% in 2021 to 87.7% in 2023; while plug-in hybrids have gained ground, going from 4% to 6.4%, while pure electric cars went from 2.3% to 6% in a similar analysis period.

“The performance recorded regarding sales of low and/or zero-emission vehicles show us an encouraging outlook for the future, and it is very likely that in 2024 we will close with double-digit growth in this market,” the specialist indicated.

Morisaki pointed out that the volume of growth will be defined by the participation of the State and the provision of promotional measures that it dictates.

The sustained increase observed in recent years, he reflected, is an undoubted example of the population’s greater awareness of caring for the environment, which has gone hand in hand with a greater supply by concessionaires who have facilitated entry. of said units to the Peruvian market. However, he reiterated that, for growth to be sustained and accelerated over the next few years “It is necessary for the State to become more decisively involved in the expansion of sales of the aforementioned vehicles, taking into account the positive impacts on society that the renewal of the vehicle fleet brings, towards one that is more environmentally responsible.”

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