The regional chambers of commerce expressed their concern about the “ineffectiveness of the economic recovery measures” implemented by the Executive and proposed actions to reverse the economic recession.

Through a statement addressed to the central government, Congress and regional and local governments, they proposed different measures:

1. Form multisector teams with specialists hired in regional governments and municipalities, under the mechanism of the National Civil Service Authority (Servir), so that regional and local projects are executed on time and within their budget.

2. As for local governments, comply with the provisions regarding the temporary closure of establishments. Additionally, end the hostility against formal companies that generate employment and economic progress throughout the country.

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3. Simplify administrative processes related to operating, construction and zoning licenses for mining activities, agro-exports, construction, tourism and fishing, including the micro and small business sector.

4. Streamline procedures and improve systems in institutions such as OEFA, Ositran, Osiptel, Sunafil, Sunat, Sunarp, Osinergmin, Digesa and Digemid. Guarantee compliance with positive administrative silence in public entities.

5. Rectify labor regulations that make it difficult to hire new formal workers and generate informality.

6. Ensure legal security and the strengthening of key institutions for an effective fight against organized crime and corruption. Additionally, promote social peace at the national level.

7. Implement intelligence strategies and strengthen the National Police, guaranteeing respect for the legal framework that allows them to confront crime. Enough of the quota collection and extortion that affects Peruvian families.

“We reiterate our willingness to work together with the authorities to promote private investment and the creation of jobs in Peru,” They indicated in the statement that bears the signature of different unions such as Confiep, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Arequipa, Chamber of Commerce and Production of Cajamarca, Chamber of Commerce of Piura, Chamber of Commerce and Production of Puno, Chamber of Commerce , Industry and Tourism of Loreto, among others.

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