The Chamber of Commerce and Production of Piura proposed to the Government a series of measures to face the recession that is currently hitting the Peruvian economy and especially the region.

He pointed out that Piura has been affected in labor-intensive sectors such as agribusiness, fishing, construction, hydrocarbons, telecommunications, and tourism, while continuing to bear the effects of Cyclone Yaku and the uncertainty due to the effects of the El Niño Phenomenon that They imply falls of up to 80% in export products in the 2023-2024 campaign.

“Since the second quarter of 2023, the decline in domestic demand by the public and private sectors shows consecutive falls of more than 30% in public investment spending. In the third quarter of 2023, nearly 6 thousand more Piurans have been left without work, doubling the unemployment rate in relation to previous quarters in 2023 (6%) compared to that of 2022 (2.9%)”, points out the union.

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Piura is going through a deterioration in real income with a drop of more than 20%, attenuated in this last quarter by the drop in the inflation rate. Therefore, he proposed the following measures:

– Ensure a guarantee program – similar to “Reactiva Perú or a Business Support Fund (FAE) – and extension of payments for companies in the hardest hit sectors in the region, fundamentally for micro, small and medium-sized companies in the agricultural sector .

– Promote regulations for the growth of labor-intensive sectors, such as the Agricultural Sector Promotion Law.

– Strengthen and expand funds to accelerate the construction and real estate sector such as: MiVivienda, Bono Familiar Habitacional and Trust for Social Housing.

– Form multi-sector teams to promote impact projects for the region, such as: North Peripheral Road, High Complexity Hospital, Comprehensive Management of the Piura River, Storm Drainage System, among others.

– Guarantee that local authorities comply with prioritizing the basic and hygienic needs of the city that protect the health of citizens, through the complete solid waste collection service, 100% repair of roads, and maintenance and recovery of green areas.

– Combat organized crime, drug trafficking and delinquency, by strengthening the PNP with effective resources in intelligence and investigation, requisition of illegal weapons, border control in the north of the country and increasing police pressure in the streets, among other preventive actions and repressive.

– Ensure legal security and the strengthening of key institutions for an effective fight against organized crime and the scourge of corruption.

“We urge the Government, within the framework of its powers and functions, to address the proposals of our union to move towards sustained regional growth and reverse the poor performance of our economy, which affects the well-being of millions of Peruvians,” indicates the statement released to the public.

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