and the auditing company Gaveglio, Aparicio y Asociados Sociedad Civil de Responsabilidad Limitada – Price Waterhouse Coopers (PwC), participated in the signing of the government financial audit contract for the beginning of the audit corresponding to the 2023 accounting year.

In this sense, Petro-Perú committed to providing the information required for the audit company to complete the external audit work within the established deadlines.

In a statement, Petro-Perú indicated that this operation advances, in parallel, to the progress regarding the financial recovery of the company, thanks to the full operation of the .

Along these lines, he pointed out that the temporary operation of lots I, VI and Z-69 by Petro-Perú records an estimated production of 7,200 barrels of crude oil per day, “which are received by the company at more efficient prices, generating significant savings and supplying the NRT.”

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“Likewise, Petro-Perú approved new provisions for austerity, discipline and quality in spending, as well as personnel income for the current year, with the purpose of promoting competitiveness, productivity and efficiency in the execution of spending, without affecting the fulfillment of its strategic objectives, he indicated.

Simultaneously, in 2024 the Petroperú Restructuring Plan will continue, which aims to ensure financial sustainability and strengthen the company’s governance.

“As part of this restructuring plan, the new general manager and commercial manager have been appointed, both selected by specialized companies, under meritocratic criteria. Gradually, other members of the management team will continue to be selected, as well as the corresponding members of the Board of Directors, which will also have a gender quota, based on its renewed social status.”he added.

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