The National Chamber of Commerce, Production, Tourism and Services – Perucámaras, expressed its concern about the 12.3% drop in tax collection registered last year and about the projections of growth in the Peruvian economy this year of just 2.5%, stating that this is a product of political and legal instability, the lack of reforms, as well as the permanence of officials who do not generate trust.

For this reason, the business union, which brings together 45 regional and 14 binational chambers, urged the government to take urgent measures in order to reverse the current economic recession and recover the generation of formal employment, tax collection, the fight against poverty and promote private investment.

Peru Cámaras questioned the fact that effective measures have not been taken against the recession that has affected us since the first half of last year, except for launching isolated plans with a series of measures that do not show auspicious results and much less have managed to reverse the contraction of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

In this sense, he asked the president Dina Boluarte evaluate the changes that you consider necessary in your government team, replacing them with personalities who, in addition to their professional suitability, experience and political independence, are capable of generating trust, seeking consensus and exercising the leadership that the country requires.

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“We understand that there are those who are not willing to accept public positions without the full commitment of support from the highest levels of government, which is why we ask President Boluarte to guarantee the support and independence required to face and make the decisions that Today the country demands. We call on professionals for their support and commitment, because the country requires them.”expressed the business union.

He specified that, with tax revenues in free fall, there is little that can be done to address the most urgent needs of the population, such as confronting organized crime, delinquency and insecurity, improving basic health services or providing quality education. quality.

He added that public investment remains weak, since the major reforms required by the State are not being implemented, such as the digitalization of processes, the construction of solid databases and interoperability between public institutions, so that from any point in the country it is possible to access State services quickly and when required, eliminating paperwork and bureaucracy.

“The Executive Branch has not shown signs of carrying out efficient and rapid spending execution as required by the current situation,” he stressed.

Peru Cámaras also criticized that Congress, without having a spending initiative, has approved populist regulations that threaten the balance of public finances, in the face of which the Executive has been permissive and extremely silent, without considering that it could be lost. the fiscal strength that has cost so much to build.

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