The Ministry of Transport and Communications (MTC) reported that during 2023 it carried out decisive actions to put an end to malicious calls made to emergency centers.

As a result of the administrative procedures carried out, 3,534 telephone lines were suspended and 160 sanctions were issued, of which 60 constituted fines, 99 reprimands and one definitive cancellation of the line.

It should be remembered that malicious communications negatively impact the proper functioning of emergency centers, causing delays in responses and, as a result, endangering people’s lives.

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The MTC applies sanctions for those who participate in such misconduct, with fines that vary between S/ 2,475 (0.5 UIT) and S/ 19,800 (4 UIT), and even the definitive suspension of service in cases of recidivism. These measures apply directly to the owners of the lines involved.

“More than 50% of calls to emergency centers are malicious. For this reason, from the MTC we urge citizens to use emergency centers responsibly because freeing a line can save a life. In addition, we ask that parents actively supervise their minor children, who may be using the telephone inappropriately.”said the head of the MTC, Raúl Pérez Reyes.

The emergency centers that have been most affected by malicious or false calls, whose lines have been identified and suspended, are:

•Line 100, for Reporting Family and Sexual Violence, with 1,309 lines suspended.

•117 from EsSalud, with 1,248 lines suspended.

•105 of the National Police of Peru, with 351 lines suspended.

•113 from Info Salud, with 349 lines suspended.

•1815 Devida, with 115 lines suspended.

•115 Civil Defense, with 115 lines suspended.

•106 from SAMU, with 42 lines suspended.

•1818 of the MININTER Single Complaints Center, with 29 lines suspended.

•107 from EsSalud, with 5 lines suspended.

•101 Social Line, with 2 lines suspended

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