The Minister of Labor and Employment Promotion, Daniel Maurate assured that 2024 will be a good time to discuss the increase in since it is a commitment of President Dina Boluarte.

He pointed out to the media that, although it is true in 2023 the issue could not be discussed because the country was in a recession, this year the situation will be different according to the best expectations commented by the Minister of Economy, Alex Contreras.

“I said it directly because we must not deceive people and in times of recession it is difficult to increase the minimum wage”said.

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“According to the Minister of Economy (Alex Contreras) this year we are going to get out of the recession, so it will be a good time to discuss the (increase in the) minimum living wage,” he added.

Maurate highlighted that the increase in the minimum wage is a fact that affects micro and small companies since they are the ones that pay said remuneration, unlike medium and large companies, which is why support is necessary for its formalization.

“The large company pays an average of S/ 3,000, the medium-sized company pays an average of S/ 2,000. The minimum wage is paid in small and micro businesses and micro businesses are the ones that are struggling to formalize, so we have to look at this important sector because we cannot discourage formality either.”he expressed.

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