The mayor of Lima, Rafael López-Aliaga, was against the ‘social toll’ by the Minister of Transportation and Communications, Raúl Pérez-Reyes, in favor of the residents who live in the areas surrounding the tolls in the north of Lima.

In an interview with RPP Noticias, López-Aliaga said that a subsidy cannot be granted to a “corrupt company”.

“I am absolutely opposed to subsidizing all Peruvians to a corrupt company. I have spoken with Minister Pérez-Reyes and I told him ‘subsidy to a criminal no longer’. Let’s see how this ends in the Constitutional Court because this is a very serious human rights violation of US$140 million that is paid for by the poorest people of Lima North and Lima South.”said.

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“If you want a subsidy, give it to decent people, there are more than 200 transportation concessions for decent people in Peru, yes.”he added.

Likewise, he was against the possibility of building an alternative road for people who do not want or are not able to pay the toll that will now cost S/7.50.

Yesterday, after the announcement of the next increase in the cost of tolls administered by the head of the MTC, that the Executive is analyzing the possibility that residents who reside in areas surrounding the toll booths can access a “social toll.”

For this reason, he indicated that presenting a bill in this regard is being evaluated.

“What we are seeing is precisely proposing a regulatory proposal, a bill, without a doubt. It would be necessary to identify whether it is a total or partial subsidy,” he said.

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