the chain of shopping centers that operates in Peru, reported that filed a criminal complaint against six officials of the Municipality of Trujillo for the crime of abuse of authority. This for ordering the closure of its mall after a crime that occurred in its food court last December.

Through a statement, Mallplaza highlighted that These city officials “exceeded their powers” ​​by closing the Trujillo shopping center “without arguments or due motivation”as he recalled that the rule on which they based the sanction was after the construction of the mall.

On December 24, 2023, the Municipality of Trujillo carried out an inspection in Mallplaza of this city, ordering a sanction of temporary closure for 30 days, alleging an alleged non-compliance with the provisions of safety and fire protection and/or electricity code. However, did not consider that the construction and start-up of Mallplaza Trujillo corresponded to the year 2007date prior to Ministerial Resolution No. 175-08 of the Ministry of Energy and Mines of April 11, 2008, by which the obligation to execute halogen-free cable installations is considered.”, he indicated.

Furthermore, Mallplaza emphasized that in the legal document he presented he remembers that “During the construction and commercial operation of the shopping center, the regulations in force on that date were strictly complied with.”which is why the Provincial Municipality of Trujillo authorized its operation.”

It also specifies that, on the date the inspection was carried out, Mallplaza Trujillo had the certificate of Technical Safety Inspections in Buildings (ITSE), approved by the same Municipality of Trujillo and with a validity of until 2024, and with the current operating license.

He highlighted that in the Operating License Framework Law (Law No. 28976), which has been modified by Law 31914, It is specified that the temporary closure of a commercial premises is only appropriate when there is imminent danger to the life, health, property or safety of people. that cannot be corrected in the inspection; there is no operating license or ITSE (unless the latter is in the process of being renewed); activity other than that authorized; and activity that generates odors, smoke, noise or others harmful to the tranquility of the area.

At the time of the inspection, none of these causes existed.On the contrary, the shopping center had all the permits and licenses that the Municipality of Trujillo granted it and that allowed it to operate.”Mallplaza stated.

The Provincial Municipality of Trujillo intends to maintain incorrectly and without valid but arbitrary argument that there is imminent danger to life, the health, property or safety of people in the establishment; without taking into account the provisions of Law No. 31914, whose rank is higher than a municipal ordinance; which defines what is imminent risk/danger“Mallplaza maintains in the complaint filed.

Besides, He detailed that the closure of the shopping center harmed the commercial activities of more than 250 companies and adjacent businesses, thereby damaging the source of employment for more than 7,500 workers.

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