The long holiday for the arrival of the New Year boosted the internal movement of . In an interview with El Comercio, Tito Alegría, executive director of the , said that the activity was much more positive than the previous year due to the reduction in social tension. Thus, traditional destinations, such as Cusco or the beaches to the north and south of the coast, were the most prominent.

After what was discussed with the presidents of the regional chambers, it has been a New Year very positive for the entire territory in general. In destinations such as the northern beaches, such as Mancoraor in Paracas Towards the south there was approximately 90% hotel occupancy”, he indicated.

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This situation occurred because the largest number of national tourists are from Lima and both Mancora as Paracas They are accessible destinations.

Lima is the largest source of tourists and therefore Paracaswhich is two hours from Lima, or Mancora They are the destinations with the highest demand. There was also a significant flow in the north of Lima, in Barranca or Huaral“Alegría added.

According to Fredy Gamarra, general manager of Ahora Perú, one of the factors that explains the shorter sections for the tourism of Lima residents is that hotel reservations are increasingly being made with less advance payment.

We have seen that in Barranca, Huacho, Paracas and Ica people don’t book that far in advance. In previous years, reservations were made up to two months in advance. It is a situation that we have been seeing since some long holidays that occurred earlier in the year”he added.

It is worth remembering that before the holidays, the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism projected that 1.3 million Peruvians would travel during the holidays and would have an impact of around US$200 million on the economy.


Berner Caballero, president of the Chamber of Tourism of the Cuscoreported that around 100,000 tourists arrived in the imperial city during the last week of December 2023, which exceeded the union’s expectations.

In the last week of December, we had 80% tourist arrivals compared to 2019. In the three previous weeks we had 55% arrivals.”he explained.

On the other hand, he indicated that there are still no figures on the number of national and foreign tourists who came to the region, which is necessary to determine the economic impact of the festivities. “The average ticket for a national visitor is S/600 per day and for an international visitor it can be the same, but in dollars”, he indicated.

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Meanwhile, Juan Stoessel, CEO of Casa Andina, highlighted that the occupancy of its hotels in Cusco was total and that the operation in December was close to the pre-pandemic figures.

The occupations were complete in Cusco. In December we were very close for the first time to our December 2019 numbers for Casa Andina. Every day there was good reception of the tourism foreigner, but also national“, he pointed.

He added that the occupancy was also total in their accommodations on the beaches in the north of the country.


On the other hand, Javier Bereche, president of the Chamber of Commerce of Piuraestimated the arrival of around 30 thousand visitors in the last week of 2023. “These data are clearly above last year, reaching several places with ‘full’ accommodation.‘”, said.

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He added that the economic impact of tourism in New Year It stood at around S/43 million.

The personal expense on average is S/250, therefore the tourism This week it has generated more than S/43 million. He tourism represents 6% of the regional GDP”he added.


Eduardo Jáuregui, president of the Chamber of Tourism and Foreign Trade of Paracasindicated that the region received 60 thousand visitors in New Year and that the occupancy of the hotels was almost 100%.

Paracas It has a hotel infrastructure of approximately 10 thousand beds, which means it has accommodation capacity. However, demand almost exceeded supply at the end of the year. This is because it is a destination close to the capital, because of the tourist attractions that bring people closer to nature and because of the wide number of hotels to choose from, especially the low-cost ones.‘” he explained.

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He added that this had an impact of US$4 million between December 29 and January 2 alone.

Likewise, he highlighted that 2024 could be the year of rebound for the tourism in Paracas. “We believe that it is possible to exceed one million tourists when this year there were around 600 thousand. This is due to the acceptance that we are seeing from tourists and because there will be no social demonstrations, which is what affected our high season in 2023.″, he remarked.

international tourism

On the other hand, Alegría highlighted that 2023 would close with the arrival of 2.5 million foreign tourists. That is, nearly 300 thousand would have arrived in December.

This information is yet to be confirmed with the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism, but all indicators would confirm that this would be the case. The recovery is at 59% compared to 2019, but it is a low figure because in the region there are already countries that have surpassed their pre-pandemic results, such as Colombia”, remarked the executive director of Canatur.

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