There are 2,728 State entities that maintain a debt of more than S/ 12,166.6 million with their workers affiliated with the Private Pension System (SPP), damaging the funds for their pensions and preventing their contributions from growing with the profitability of the system.

“At the three levels of government – ​​National, regional and local – we are talking about thousands of entities that monthly deducted AFP contributions from the salaries of 431,936 members, but did not deposit them in their Individual Capitalization Accounts”indicated Giovanna Prialé, president of the AFP Association (AAFP).

The largest debt is held by a total of 565 entities in regional governments, for an amount that amounts to S/ 6,205.7 million. They are followed by 386 institutions of the National Government, whose debt is S/ 3,402.4 million and, finally, 1,777 local government entities that owe S/ 2,558.3 ​​million.

“It is worrying that these entities have not deposited the contributions of the members. They have put their pension savings at risk. “It is urgent that institutions comply with the law and one of the tools to do so is REPRO-AFP III.”said Prialé.

The REPRO is the regime for rescheduling the payment of pension contributions. Currently, this is the third time that this option has been enabled, with which accrued and unpaid contributions can be returned until December 31, 2022.

This regime will allow almost half a million public sector workers, including pensioners and affiliates, to recover their contributions and the profitability they would have obtained if the contributions had been paid on time.

By benefiting from REPRO, state entities will not only honor their debts, but will also benefit from the extinction of fines, surcharges and interest. In this way, the State debt would be reduced by 89%, going from more than S/ 12,166.6 million to just over S/ 1,295 million, without affecting the contributions of the members and the profitability they would have obtained by having been deposited. on time.

In addition, institutions may request the suspension of judicial collection processes initiated by the AFPs for debts covered by this regime.

Entities may submit their application for shelter until February 28, 2024, through the AFPnet website (), as of the publication of the operating procedure by the Superintendency of Banking, Insurance and AFP.

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