issued a statement to try to answer the questions asked by the National Society of Mining, Petroleum and Energy (SNMPE) due to his departure from the union and a lack of transparency about his restructuring plan. This in the context of a possible financial rescue by the Government of the state company and the cost of the new Talara refinery.

In its statement, Petroperú indicated that His departure from the SNMPE was due to a decision made by its Management in September 2023 after an “evaluation”but does not explain the reasons for this measure.

Furthermore, he indicated that The aforementioned mining-energy union has not requested its restructuring plan prepared by the consulting firm Arthur D.Littledespite what was revealed by Víctor Góbitz, president of the SNMPE, in an interview with El Comercio.

Regarding its transparency policy, Petroperú alleges that it has implemented a section in its institutional portal in which has been reporting on the progress of the restructuring process.

The case

Petroperú reported that the cost of the new Talara refinery has not changed and that “remains at US$5,538.52 million (without pre-operational interest)”according to the last update carried out in August 2023.

The state oil company insists on a new financial rescuewhich consists of a capital contribution of US$1,150 million, a line of credit guaranteed by the Peruvian State of US$650 million, and the capitalization of the US$750 million lent by the MEF in 2022.

In total, US$2.55 billion, which, added to the two previous rescues in 2022, they make an amount close to US$5,000 million.

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