The Rutas de Lima company notified by letter to the Municipality of Lima (MML) and the Metropolitan Investment Fund (Invermet) that it will increase the price of its tolls. These will go from S/6.50 to S/7.50.

The Chillón toll, on the Panamericana Norte, and the Pucusana Collection Center, on the Panamericana Sur, will be affected.

The document dated today, January 15, to which El Comercio had access, indicates that the last readjustment was applied in February 2022 with the accumulated inflation of 2021, so for the increase corresponding to 2024 the accumulated inflation of the years 2022 (8.48%) and 2023 (3.24%).

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The dealer indicated that it will announce the date on which the price change will become effective at least ten days in advance.

“In accordance with the provisions of the Concession Contract, the Toll constitutes for the Concessionaire the source with which it recovers the investments made under the concession, which includes the development of the infrastructure, as well as the operation, maintenance, conservation, security, cleaning, user service among others, in addition to fulfilling its obligations with its workers and with the Permitted Secured Creditors,” the document reads.

Furthermore, the company explains that the postponement of the corresponding readjustment, according to the concession contract, occurred “for reasons not attributable to Rutas de Lima, which has been causing various effects that are not possible to sustain indefinitely.”

Rutas de Lima is responsible for the improvement and conservation of sections of the Panamericana Sur, the Panamericana Norte and the Ramiro Prialé highway. In 2016, Odebrecht sold 57% of the concession to the Canadian fund Brookfield Asset Management. The Brazilian firm retained a 25% stake, while the remaining 18% corresponds to Sigma SAFI.

Last year the company opened arbitration in the Permanent Court of Arbitration against the MML after the Lima municipal council approved the unilateral resolution of its concession contract. Currently the process is still open, but the commune’s measure was suspended by the arbitration court.

MML position

Through a statement, the Municipality of Lima confirmed the increase that Rutas de Lima will make in the toll rate from 6.50 to 7.50 soles, so urged the Constitutional Court to rule on the issuein reference to the request to remove the toll booth in Puente Piedra and whose case the TC left to the vote.

Rutas de Lima will invoice close to 140 million dollars per year. However, investment in road works on the North and South Panamericana is zero, harming the vulnerable population of Puente Piedra, Comas, Santa Rosa, Lurín, Pachacámac and other districts.“, indicated the MML.

We urge the Constitutional Court of our country to defend fundamental rights of our population that will continue to be seriously affected in their freedom, health and economy“he added

Lima Routes Letter to the MML.

Lima Routes Letter to the MML.

Lima Routes Letter to the MML.

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