The Citizen and Business Security Commission of the Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL) expressed its concern about the violence faced by Ecuador, which has forced its government to declare a state of internal armed conflict and take radical measures against criminal gangs, some of which already operate in Peru.

“It is urgent that the National Security and Defense Council, as well as the National Citizen Security Council, declare themselves in permanent session and promptly report their short-term plans that show articulated work between the different powers of the State and institutions,” he pointed .

“The integrated work of all intelligence units must enhance the operations of the Peruvian National Police (PNP). This institution must also have all the necessary resources for its modernization and an adequate capacity to respond to criminal action, which must go hand in hand with a sustained campaign against corruption and strengthening integrity.”he added.

In addition, the commission considered that a sustainable plan must be formulated that restricts the entry of foreign citizens with criminal records, strengthens immigration control at border posts and authorizes technological strengthening for the control of the entire border line.

Justice operators – he indicated – must have better security measures, especially those who prosecute and hand down sentences against members of gangs connected to organized crime.

“The situation in Peruvian prisons forces us to review and rethink the situation of the National Penitentiary Institute (INPE) and the penitentiary centers where criminals and gangs continue to coordinate criminal actions. “A special control regime must be established and members of organized gangs must be sent to maximum security prisons.”he pointed out.

“Local and regional governments must articulate actions with the Executive by applying policies with a comprehensive vision. We urge that citizens be informed about the risk map by district and the respective actions they carry out, exposing indicators that demonstrate the effectiveness and efficiency of the measures and progress in the fight against crime.”accurate.

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