The inflation rate without food and energy, the international indicator most used as underlying inflation, in our country fell to 2.9% at the end of last year, placing it within the target range of the after various external and internal shocks took it out of the country for 25 consecutive months.

This result occurs after reaching a maximum of 5.92% in March of last year, the month from which this indicator began a marked downward trend, halving in just nine months.


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Such reduction is due to the reversal of the shocks on some prices of goods and services, the lower exchange rate, and the effects of the monetary policy measures that the BCR has been adopting, among other factors.

Likewise, underlying inflation in Peru It is one of the first to return to the target range among the main economies of Latin America and developed countries.



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Inflation without food and energy in Peru rose the least among the main economies in the region, despite strong global shocks, since in some countries it reached a maximum that exceeded 10%.

Core inflation excludes the prices of volatile products such as food and energy, and is one of the most relevant indicators for the management of central banks’ monetary policy.

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