Compañía Minera Antapaccay surpassed its spending record on local purchases and services by executing S/ 260 million in 119 local suppliers in the province of Espinar, of which 19 belong to communal companies in the area of ​​direct influence, whose turnover is equivalent to 45% of the total .

Thus, the mining company contributes to boosting the economy of the people of Spinar, generating more work in the area.

This record exceeds the previous record registered in 2022 by S/ 40 million. Local purchases now represent 20% of the total expenditure made by Antapaccay in the total contracting of services. In addition, in 2023 we worked with 26 new suppliers, both local and communal, which is important to generate more companies in Espinar.

Between 2013 and 2023, Antapaccay has made local purchases for a total accumulated amount of S/ 1,733 million soles contributing to the revitalization of the territory’s economy, the development of local companies and the generation of quality local employment.

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It is worth mentioning that Antapaccay classifies as local suppliers those companies that come strictly from its area of ​​influence, which go through a rigorous process of prequalification, development and approval as a requirement to participate in the different competitive tenders carried out by the company.

The result of this program is that local companies specialize in new, highly complex areas such as: plant maintenance, transported belts, earthworks, mining projects, civil and metal-mechanical works, among others, indicates the company.

The participation of local contractors in the supply chain is accompanied by a permanent technical support plan, through a Local Supplier Development Program, which aims to strengthen business capabilities in service management and the alignment of HSEC standards. HR, the involvement of different areas of the company being relevant, he adds.

During 2023, earthmoving services carried out by communal companies were consolidated, including more complex work such as topography and high-precision soil laboratory. In addition, a new area was opened in environmental services, where a community company successfully obtained its registration as a solid waste operating company issued by MINAM. Finally, in the area of ​​plant processes and maintenance, two contractors ventured into electromechanical maintenance and instrumentation work.

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