The company Media Business Generators (MBG) assured that a precautionary judicial resolution maintains in force the licensing contract it has with the media company Forbes, thanks to which it can continue to be the exclusive licensee of the brand in several countries in the region, which include Belize, Peru, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Panama, Mexico, Chile and Colombia.

Yesterday, it became known that its licenses in Mexico and other countries in Latin America. However, MBG intends to renew said contract, which is why it initiated legal proceedings.

“We hereby inform you that a dispute resolution procedure has been initiated under the terms of the License Agreement, for the purpose of resolving MBG’s intention to renew said contract,” MBG noted in a statement sent to the media.

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“To achieve this objective, and given Forbes’ failure to comply with various provisions of the License Agreement, MBG has gone to the competent courts to ensure the continuity of the contractual relationship while the disputes between the parties are not resolved, and, thus, “give certainty to our partners, clients, allies, suppliers, among other interested parties,” he added.

As a consequence of the above, MBG maintains that On December 12, 2023, the 44th Civil Oral Process Court of Mexico City issued a resolution ordering that the License Agreement will take effect even after December 31, 2023.and until such resolution is revoked or becomes void.

“To this date, MBG has informed Forbes regarding the precautionary measures obtained and demanded that it refrain from carrying out any act that, directly or indirectly, may hinder or make it impossible for MBG and/or people related to the brand. , the peaceful enjoyment of the rights granted to them under the License Agreement.”

“In this sense, it is reported that the license agreement remains in force and fully has all its legal effects, until, at least, said judicial measure is revoked”ends.

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